Nina Blumenfeld Fine Arts
Nina Blumenfeld studied painting in the Soviet Union under the great artist Boris Birger.
A man of deep cultural roots, Birger, after enjoying a brief period of acceptance, quickly
fell out of favor with the authorities and could not exhibit until 1989, the time of
Gorbachev's reforms.
Birger taught a wide range of traditional and modern techniques to several students in a
setting resembling the old Masters' private studios than soviet institutional education.
Now better known in Germany, where he emigrated in 1991, Birger is bound to emerge
as one of last century's most original artists.
She learns admiringly from the Old Masters, such as Vermeer, Rembrandt, Em. de
Witte, and late Titian.
Blumenfeld paints still lifes, portraits, and landscapes. The more traditional works from
her earlier Moscow period are done in darker hues.
After emigrating to the U.S. in 1994, before she could afford oil paints and supplies,
Blumenfeld created a number of watercolor studies, but returned to her favorite oil as
soon as was practical.
Blumenfeld's newest works are innovative not in their subject matter, but in their new
handling of tradition, in the way in which she seeks spiritual harmony in color and
Working in a very difficult traditional technique, using only time-tested, stable
combinations of oil paints, she creates shapes by means of color and impasto.
Multiple layers of varnish glaze and turbid medium added after drying the preparatory
layer create an infinite range of hues. Among other techniques, she actively employs
Cézanne’s Complementary Color law and other discoveries. This, of course, shows her
teacher's influence.
Working meticulously and with consummate knowledge of material, Blumenfeld
produces only about one work per month.
Blumenfeld's psychologically realistic portraits are painted from life. Her subtly elusive
sfumato, the distinctive light and space of each painting, the translucent colors create an
atmosphere of wonder at the miracle of passing life.
Nina lives in Moscow Idaho,  where her husband works at University.